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Research Item Beyond the Master Plan: The Case for Restructuring Baccalaureate Education in California
This study documents how the structure of California’s higher education system restricts B.A. attainment among all students and especially among students of color.
Research Item Building on Success: Educational Diversity and Equity in Kentucky Higher Education
This comprehensive study of equity in the entire Kentucky system not only assesses the state's progress under plans developed to comply with federal civil rights law over the past 26 years, but also recommends strategies for the next generation.
Research Item Charting the Future of College Affirmative Action: Legal Victories, Continuing Attacks, and New Research
American higher education has struggled now for nearly a half century to find ways to better serve and reflect the diversity of American society and to train leaders who can cross over the social divisions that have limited the American dream since its beginnings. We have learned that it can be done, that there are major benefits to the educational and research missions of our campuses, and that we know how to do it better. It is very important that our university faculties and leaders not give up on what has been a notable success but find the best ways to preserve it in a time of polarization and help to build a successful multiracial America.
Research Item Higher Education and the Color Line
In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decisions upholding affirmative action, Higher Education and the Color Line outlines the agenda for achieving racial justice in higher education in the next generation. Weaving together current research and a discussion of overarching demographic, legal, and political issues, this comprehensive and timely book focuses on the racial transformation of higher education and the structural barriers that perpetuate racial stratification at the postsecondary level.
Research Item Race and the Metropolitan Origins Of Postsecondary Access to Four Year Colleges: The Case of Greater Boston
The Metro Boston Equity Initiative is devoted to analyzing race relations and racial equity issues not simply in the city of Boston, but across the entire metropolitan region. Although greater Boston still has a large white majority and suburban sectors with very little diversity, immigration of Latinos and Asians is driving the region’s growth, and much of this population increase is taking place well outside of the city limits. Changing patterns of school enrollment provide a good sense of the region’s near-term future.
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