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Research in this section focuses attention on the structure of and access to housing opportunities created by the intersection of housing with other metropolitan and regional factors.


Recent Housing Research


Research Item Integration or Resegregation: Metropolitan Chicago at the Turn of the New Century
The data show that the Chicago metropolitan area is at an extremely important point in its racial and ethnic history. The White population can continue to turn its back on their African- American and Latino counterparts, in a fruitless effort to escape them. Or they can embrace them and, in unison, build an integrated metropolitan area.
Research Item Race, Place, and Opportunity: Racial Change and Segregation in the San Diego Metropolitan Area: 1990 - 2000
The future of the San Diego area is inexorably linked to the well-being of its minority populations, most strongly in the cities and inner-suburbs, but increasingly throughout the region. While moderately-high levels of racial segregation characterize the City, recent trends raise the specter that this pattern may be duplicated in growing suburbs, especially for Latinos.
Research Item Race, Place and Opportunity: Racial Change and Segregation in the Chicago Metropolitan Area: 1990-2000
Will metro Chicago, currently in its last decade with a white majority, move forcefully towards establishing equal opportunity or will the emerging majority continue to be isolated from housing and educational opportunity?
Research Item The Growth of Segregation in American Schools: Changing Patterns of Separation and Poverty Since 1968
Southern segregation grew significantly from 1988 to 1991 and segregation of African-American students across the U.S. also increased. This study provides national data that shows the relationship of segregation to poverty and where segregation is either concentrated or remains highly integrated. This report also explores the way in which a state's pattern of school district organization relates to the segregation of its students after the Supreme Court's 1974 decision in the Detroit case, Milliken v. Bradley.
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