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CRP in the News 2013

News and media coverage of the Civil Rights Project/ Proyecto Derechos Civiles research and researchers.

Link Bill Moyers (7/24/2013)
Op-ed by Professor Orfield.
Link Education Week (6/26/2013)
Potentially discriminatory discipline practices in Durham, N.C., schools are being investigated by the U.S. Department of Education's office for civil rights.
Link The Wall Street Journal (5/15/2013)
Tia Martinez, of the UCLA Civil Rights Project, a policy research center, said suspension increases a student's risk of dropping out or repeating a grade, and those kids are three times as likely to come in contact with the juvenile justice system.
Link USA Today (5/12/2013)
Study: Black students suspended more often than others.
Link USA Today (5/8/2013)
Supreme Court to make crucial rulings on race.
Link AUDIO: Michigan Public Radio (5/3/2013)
State of Opportunity reporter Jennifer Guerra goes into Michigan high schools and neighborhoods---from Grand Haven to Detroit's west side---to see how race and racism are playing out today in an era some are calling "post-racial."
Link VIDEO: HuffPost Live Chat with Daniel Losen of CCRR (5/1/2013)
Daniel Losen, Director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies, discusses his research.
Link AUDIO: National Public Radio (4/30/2013)
Daniel Losen discusses school discipline and racial disparities with Michel Martin.
Page Media Coverage of Out of School and Off Track (4/8/2013)
National and local media coverage of THE CCRR's coverage of "Out of School and Off Track."
Page Media Coverage of CRP Research (3/11/2013)
Coverage of CRP research and researchers, including CRP and CCRR Reports.
Link Atlanta Progressive News (2/27/2013)
"ALEC-Backed Laws Promote Controversial Charter Schools" quotes CRP research about racial segregation in charter schools as well as other research by colleague John Rogers of UCLA's Graduate School of Education and Information Studies.
Link The Washington Post (2/24/2013)
"Does school reform perpetuate inequity?" quotes CRP/PDC research by Genevieve Siegel-Hawley and Erica Frankenberg.
Link Gering Citizen (2/21/2013)
"U.S. Department of Education investigating record number of civil rights complaints" quotes Daniel J. Losen of the CCRR on racial disparities in school discipline.
Link Nevada Public Radio (2/19/2013)
"Why Does Clark County Have High Rates Of Expulsion Among Minorities?" on KNPR interviews Daniel Losen, Director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies.
Page VIDEO: Gary Orfield, The Supreme Court and the Fate of Affirmative Action (2/13/2013)
The Supreme Court and the Fate of Affirmative Action. Lecture by Gary Orfield, University of California- Los Angeles, February 13, 2013. Presented by the USC Rossier Faculty Council Diversity Committee. Introduction by Dr. Adrianna Kezar.
Link Facing South at Insitute for Southern Studies (1/25/2013)
"In North Carolina, school resegregation by charter?" cites CRP/PDC research.
Link The Huffington Post (1/22/2013)
"The President's Speech and Dr. King," By Gary Orfield
Link Time Magazine (1/21/2013)
"MLK Day: It’s Time for a Second Emancipation Proclamation?" quotes CRP/PDC research.
Link The Huffington Post (1/18/2013)
"California Hispanic Population Will Be State's Largest Ethnic Group In 2013, Report Predicts " quotes Professor Patricia Gándara.
Link UCLA Today (1/14/2013)
"Segregation lives on in suburban schools, civil rights expert says," an interview with Gary Orfield.
Link Go Local Worcester (1/11/2013)
"Worcester Suspension Rate for Latino Students 10th Highest in Country" cites the Center for Civil Rights remedies.
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