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CRP Bulletin/Noticiero

Stories and updates delivered via email about CRP research and researchers.

Volume 1, Issue 1

This inaugural issue of CRP Bulletin/Noticiero looks back to 1996 and recounts CRP's founding at Harvard amid a climate of increasing doubt over the future of affirmative action in the nation's universities. In upcoming issues, we spotlight staff, students and alumni as well as recap important and ongoing research, announce upcoming events and more. We also look to you -- our readers -- to send us your feedback and suggestions.

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Volume 1, Issue 2

This 2014 Spring issue commemorates the 60th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education. Brown created hope for progress towards integration. After the 1964 Civil Rights Act, there was real progress but gradually it came to a halt after the Supreme Court changed the rules in the 1990's. Also in this issue, CRP Co-director, Patricia Gándara, discusses the roots of her career in policy research. She also focuses our attention on two pieces of California legislation that may be presented in 2016. Both have the potential to help increase educational equity for students from underrepresented backgrounds.

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Volume 2, Issue 1

The Fall 2014 Issue highlights new CRP research that assesses the possible consequences of the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed postsecondary reforms in financial aid and the development of a new college ratings system. Alumni Spotlight interviews James Kim, associate professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, who conducts research to lower the gap in literacy and reading for students from high poverty schools. Upcoming events, new resources, and civil rights in history are also featured.

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Volume 2, Issue 2

The Winter 2015 Issue highlights a new CRP book release that looks at the benefits of being bilingual in the U.S. labor market. Alumni Spotlight interviews Associate Professor Mindy Kornhaber, who conducts research on how institutional policies affecting individual potential could be more equitable. Upcoming events, new resources, and civil rights in history are also featured.

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