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The Civil Rights Project Stands with the Dreamers

Date Published: November 14, 2019

The Civil Rights Project statement in support of our Dreamers


The Civil Rights Project stands with the Dreamers and pledges to continue working toward a more just and permanent solution regardless of the Supreme Court's decision on DACA. These young people raised in the U.S. are an asset -- not a problem -- and it would be a tragic loss to deport them from their country. People who have been brought here at young ages, with no say in the matter, but who have obeyed the laws and contributed to the society deserve citizenship. People who have lived, worked and raised families, all the while contributing to the nation, do not deserve to be persecuted because a broken immigration system encourages their labor, but has no official way of acknowledging them or their contributions. They, like the generations of immigrants before them who entered the country in much the same way before we began barring them, have enriched this nation and made it a beacon for the world.  Surveys show that most Americans believe the Dreamers should be given a path to citizenship.  A lasting solution must come from Congress, where leaders have refused to address the issue for decades. 


Gary Orfield and Patricia Gándara

Co-directors, Civil Rights Project

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