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NCLB / Title I

Research on the civil rights implications of federal policies like the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, it's 2001 reauthorization known as No Child Left Behind, or Title I of ESEA.


Recent NCLB / Title I Research


Research Item Large Mandates and Limited Resources: State Response to the No Child Left Behind Act and Implications for Accountability
We pay particular attention to the knowledge base and existence of suitable interventions for improving performance in low-performing schools that would allow state administrators to do what the law requires since the history of state failures on a much smaller scale make it difficult to understand how the states could meet these challenges and raise concern about the resulting policies and practices for minority schools and districts.
Research Item A Public Laboratory Dewey Barely Imagined: The Emerging Model of School Governance and Legal Reform
Public school reform raises the prospect of a broader redefinition of our very democracy.
Research Item Raising Standards or Raising Barriers
The book makes clear the importance of high standards and accountability systems. But support for standards and accountability systems should not be equated with support for high-stakes tests. Most of the contributors to the volume have found evidence that policies that focus on high-stakes testing corrupt educational reform and undermine achievement, especially for at-risk students.
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