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Events and Resources

A new book on bilingualism in the U.S. labor market. a tool which offers guidance for raising EL achievement under California's Local Control Funding Formula, and upcoming events are highlighted here.


This new and invaluable book, coedited by Patricia Gándara and Rebecca Callahan, is available from Multilingual Matters. The Bilingual Advantage grew from original research commissioned by CRP and brings together scholarship from education, economics, sociology, anthropology and linguistics "to examine the economic and employment benefits of bilingualism in the US labor market, countering past research that shows no such benefits exist. Collectively, the authors draw on novel methodological approaches and new data to examine the economics of bilingualism for the new generation of bilinguals entering a digital-age globalized workforce. The authors also pay considerable attention to how to best capture measures of bilingualism and biliteracy, given the constraints of most existing datasets."

September 4 from 6-7:30pm

The University of Texas-San Antonio

UTSA Main Campus, University Center, Denman Ballroom UC 2.01.28

Hosted by the Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, featuring co-editors Patricia Gándara & Rebecca Callahan, with commentary by Professor Emerita Ellen Riojas Clark and MALDEF Attorney Marisa Bono


September 5 from 12-1:30pm

Member Lounge, Capitol Extension, E2.1002, Texas State Capitol

Hosted by the Texas Center for Education Policy, featuring the co-editors, with commentary by MALDEF Attorney David Hinojosa and Texas State Representative Mary Gonzalez, and facilitated by Dr. Angela Valenzuela 

RSVP to 


Seizing the Opportunity to Narrow the Achievement Gaps for English Learners:  Guidance to Counties, Districts and Schools for the Use of LCFF Funds

September 11 from 10-12 noon

California Community Foundation, 221 S. Figueroa St., LA, CA 90012

Featuring representatives from Californians Together, California School Boards Association, LAUSD School Board, MALDEF and The Advancement Project with introductions by the California Community Foundation and the Civil Rights Project 

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which became law in 2013, provides California schools, districts and teachers an unprecedented opportunity to innovate and implement research-based practices for significantly narrowing the achievement gaps between English Learners (ELs) and all other students. This forum offers guidance on instruction and services for ELs that go beyond established practices or improved compliance with existing education codes.

Seating is limited. To RSVP, go here.  


11th ANNUAL BROWN LECTURE in Education Research

October 23, 2014 in Washington, D.C.

2014 ELA 60th Anniversary Annual Conference "The Resegregation of Education in America"

November 12-15, 2014  in San Diego, CA 



Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, at the University of Florida in Gainesville, maintains archives of oral histories and includes more than 5,000 interviews. Oral history teams include student researchers, interns, volunteers, and staff who are “dedicated to gathering, preserving, and promoting living histories of individuals from all walks of life.” The largest project focuses on Native American history, featuring over 900 oral history interviews with a variety of Native American tribes including Seminoles, Cherokees, and Creeks. The collection includes the Mississippi Freedom Project collection and the newly founded Latina/o Diaspora in the Americas Project. Access the official collection of digital oral history interviews at: 

Perspectives for a Diverse America is a K-12, literacy-based anti-bias social justice curriculum, developed by Teaching Tolerance to reduce prejudice, promote equity and support intergroup relations. Perspectives is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Literacy but can be used by teachers in non-Common Core states. Teaching Tolerance is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.



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