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Language Minority Students

Research related to effective educational policies and practices for language minority students (English language learners).


Recent Language Minority Students Research


Research Item Dual Language Program Planning and Equity
DLI programs are sometimes viewed as “magic,” with the assumption that any DLI program will result in the outcomes well documented in the literature. Yet, DLI programs require considerable planning in order to equitably meet the goals of all students in a DLI program.
Research Item Teachers of English Language Learners in Secondary Schools: Gaps in Preparation and Support
The authors analyze data from a survey distributed among secondary teachers in a large urban school district to examine how well prepared they feel to teach ELs.
Research Item Realizing the Economic Advantages of a Multilingual Workforce
As markets have transitioned from agricultural to industrial to what is now the information age, there are tremendous opportunities for those who can analyze, collaborate, and communicate with people all over the world while providing services in the local language of the client. These workers can compete for work in their home markets and in markets where their language fluency puts them at an advantage over those with only monolingual skills—like many in the American workforce.
Research Item Preparing Secondary English Learners for Graduation and College  
This report summarizes the results of a demonstration project that aimed to provide Spanish-language, college preparatory curriculum via an on-line platform to Spanish-dominant immigrant students in four California high schools. This population of students would not have had access to such a curriculum due to an insufficient command of English, and limited inability to take and pass rigorous college prep courses designed for fluent English speakers.
Research Item Collection of the University of California Linguistic Minority Research Institute
The collected works of LMRI are available via UC's eScholarship.
Research Item Arizona Educational Equity Project: Overview
Researchers and graduate students from four of the nation's top research universities conducted new empirical studies as well as synthesizing existing studies on instructional models and assessment practices for English learners.
Research Item Arizona Educational Equity Project: Abstracts and Papers
This page links to nine papers received as part of the Arizona Educational Equity Project: 21 senior scholars and advanced graduate students from four major research universities joined together under the aegis of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, to produce the studies on the condition of English learner students in Arizona
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