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Research Manual, Teacher Reference Guide & Brochure

Research summaries, Instructions for teachers and promotional materials relate to Project SOL 2.0 curriculum.

Research Manual and User Guide (PDF, 19.1 MB). 

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Description: The Project Sol 2.0 Research Manual is a comprehensive resource for researchers and practitioners that includes a summary of the Project SOL Research, demographic summaries and maps of where immigrant students are concentrated, a "lay of the land" summary of open access, and other materials related to the education of immigrant students. 

Reference Guide for Teachers: Accessing Project SOL Materials (updated December 2019)

Description: The Reference Guide is a quick introduction for teachers explaining how to access the Project Sol 2.0 Mathematics modules. These are resources for teachers implementing a bilingual (English/Spanish) mathematics program for students who are developing English-speaking skills while maintaining their first language. They may also be used by students in Spanish-speaking contexts whose English is actually stronger than their Spanish, such as in the case of students partially educated in the U.S. attempting to complete their secondary education in a Spanish-speaking country. Finally, the materials may be used in fully bilingual settings such as in International Baccalaureate programs where the focus is on learning in two languages. The modules are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), both in the content and mathematical practice standards. The materials used for the modules come from publicly accessible curriculum projects and teacher created resources emphasizing the CCSS.  

Project SOL 2.0 Brochure (PDF, 4.1 MB). 

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Description: "What is Project SOL?": This brochure describes the Project SOL 2.0 program, a Common Core-aligned, open access, secondary math curriculum.

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