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Project SOL

Project SOL 1.0 (Secondary Online Learning) is a demonstration project focused on specific school-based interventions and teacher-supported, online curriculum designed to accelerate the content learning of Spanish-dominant secondary school students.

Typical of demonstration initiatives, Project SOL/Proyecto SOL proceeds along two simultaneous tracks: program implementation and documentation (study). Each is summarized below. Project leaders approach the core educational challenge through the following intervention strategies:

  1. Provide supplemental instruction via Mexican-developed and California standards-aligned online curricula in Spanish in several core curriculum areas both in class and after school.
  2. Articulate the school-based intervention with online supplemental teachers in Mexico.
  3. Assist teachers in learning how to integrate the supplemental curriculum, including its online components, into their direct instruction.
  4. Enhance English Language Development (ELD) instruction for students and professional development for ELD teachers.
  5. The project will provide a course translation protocol developed by the University of California and the Mexican Department of Education so that students can be given California (or U.S.) credit for courses they have taken in Mexico.
  6. A counselor will be selected from the school to collaborate with the SOL team and will identify and assign students to the project and monitor student progress. The counselor will assist in data collection.
  7. The project will incorporate a bilingual researcher who will keep track of the students and a collect data to monitor student success. A bilingual external evaluator will also serve in the role of “critical friend” to review all evaluation materials and consult with the project on matters of evaluation. The external evaluator will provide an annual report on the status of the project to the project.
  8. The project has a vision of working with community organizations and local Mexican consular offices to disseminate information in the community regarding both the benefits of this program and of returning to and/or staying in high school (and beyond).



This Project is made possible with the generous support of the Gates & Irvine Foundations & the Carnegie Corporation.

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